Wholesale Herbal Tinctures

Wholesale herbal tincture ordering (two fluid oz. per bottle) is an excellent method to protect a business's overhead of product. Our custom crafted herbal tinctures stay at least 4 years past their "expiration date" and offer the most user friendly, cost-effective way to provide powerful traditional, time tested, natural herbal medicine to your clients.

Our herbs are manufactured with the highest standards of GMP and batch testing from our providers (See our manufacturing tab). Concluding treatment with a take home curative is a powerful compliance motivator, and leaves an impression of complete care.

For store-owners, herb emporiums and wellness centers, offering treatment with herbal tinctures from your own storefront provides important care to your clients and a better profit margin for purveyors.

Wholesale orders have a $100 minimum.

To place a wholesale order or learn about our wholesale offering, please e-mail: info@healthfromeast.com

100% Vegan Made in USA

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