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Herbs from East has great customer service! I placed an order and it arrived in 24 hours. It was great to begin the healing process almost immediately after symptoms began! I was impressed with the prompt, caring attention! The drops were soothing on my raw throat and I could feel their comforting effect long after sipping them. The taste is surprisingly strong initially, but like anything new you acquire a taste for it. You can sense it's strength and potency as you feel it begin to work. I highly recommend the prompt, professional, personable service you will receive from the caring staff. They have your health and well-being at heart!

J. Bayer

I've been using Herbs From East for a few years now. I take either Prevention or Invasion at the first sign of a sneeze or sniffle. The bitter taste takes a little getting used to, but I haven't had a cold or the flu in four years!

Susan F.

I visited Mitch Harris for another issue when I was starting to get a cold. I could tell that within the next day I was probably going to be really sick, but he suggested these herbs and within 24 hours my cold had completely vanished. A few weeks later, my boyfriend got a cold and I suggested he try the herbs. He was skeptical, but willing to try it since it was all natural. His symptoms almost immediately began to improve and, like me, within 24 hours the cold was gone. This is now the only cold remedy in our house. So happy we have it!

L. Harper

As a pediatric RN working in a children's hospital l have ample exposure to all the lovely germs kids bring in. If I have any hit in my immune system due to stress or lifestyle choices (ahem alcohol) I will get ALL the colds, sniffles and gut bugs that cross my path. Mitch Harris gave me bottles of INVASION, PROTECTION, and ELIMINATION to try out as he knows I'm on the frontline of the germ war. So here is the good and the bad about these products: The good news is THEY TOTALLY WORK!! I was able to kick a lingering mucous fest I'd been struggling with for weeks! But the true tell-tale sign of the awesomeness of these products came when I got a WICKED cold while traveling overseas (and I left these radical products at home!) that blossomed into a full blown horrendous cold with coughing, phlegm and fever upon my return. It was awful! From past experience I know this type of illness lasts for a week then hangs on for a several weeks. On my return I started using these products (I generally mixed them two at a time depending on where I was in my illness, if I am just getting sick I'd mix INVASION and PROTECTION if I was already super sick I'd mix INVASION and ELIMINATION) and within 3 days my sickness was GONE. No lingering!! It's kind of unbelievable considering my past history and where I work. This stuff is amazing!! Ok now for the bad news, it tastes NOT GOOD. I mixed it with tea (the best), honey, juice and water to see what was best. You have to find a mix that will work for you to make it go down although thankfully it only lasts a few seconds. Mitch tells me that the bitterness is many of the anti-microbial herbs. So that is how we know it is working ) In my opinion the benefits of these products FAR outweighs the icky taste, but just prepare yourself for it. I would like to have these three products on hand at all times and I will NEVER travel without them again!

Kate Dowden, Pediatric RN

I just staved off a full blown sinus infection with chest relief and the one for fighting an infection. I thought I was just going to hold off symptoms, but the drops and 1 good nap (in 10 days, I have kids) kicked the infection which in the past would have been bad enough to require antibiotics. I am thrilled to skip antibiotics! In addition, I felt so much better when using the drops than Sudafed, Mucinex, asprin - I felt like myself (and possibly slightly energized, there could be a stimulant in there) but I didn't feel dried out or sluggish like when I tried Sudafed, Mucinex, asprin. Mucous drained quickly after the drops, and I could tell when they wore off because the infection came back on like a blast, and then quickly went away again. I am still getting my voice completely back, but am relieved to have been more like myself and more functional during a full blown sinus infection than I ever have before. I am reordering!

Jeannie Stamberger

As a wholesaler practicing in the Chicagoland area, I have found these products to be an absolutely essential part of my practice! When we first brought the Herbs From East products into our clinic, they flew off the shelves almost instantly. Word of mouth spread very quickly, and I had folks calling with lots of interest and questions after hearing about the effectiveness of these products from their family and friends. I learned very quickly that I needed to keep a large stock, especially during cold and flu season so that my patients not only could buy when needed, but many were also interested in stocking up at home for themselves and their families. I've had fantastic feedback about all three of the products from my patients and my colleagues. I can't recommend having the Herbs From East products in your clinic highly enough!

Genevieve Belt, Licensed Acupuncturist, Sage Healing Collective

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