Manufacturing & Bottling Processes and Standards

High quality extracts are only possible with superior medicinals at the start of the process. Herbs From East sources from the most reputable herb suppliers, including local farms and wildcrafters. We are proud to work only with Chinese herb distributors who employ rigid standards and quality assurance testing, and continually offer us better access to organically grown Chinese medicinals.

Herbs From East and our partners employ a 50/50 water to non-GMO cane ethanol (alcohol) maceration in the processing of our herbal tinctures. This allows for the maximum benefit of herbal constituent extraction. Classical Chinese herbal medicines are most commonly from a water based decoction and the added alcohol to the maceration helps pull additional aspects from the plant material. The alcohol also preserves the herbs in the tincture for a longer shelf life without the need for refrigeration. At the end of the process a small amount of organic glycerin is added at the end to literally "sweeten" the deal.

Many other companies may skip this detailed and meticulous approach for faster processing or cheaper outcomes. Cutting corners is never our approach. Our quality is seen as our tinctures have proved to be clinically effective at as low a dose as possible, at as little as 2mL 2-3x per day. While everyone has their personal threshold for proper dosing, this range is drastically smaller compared to a classical delivery methods (as anyone who has taken large glasses of raw Chinese herbal tea several times a day can attest). Our products are highly convenient, classically derived, and with added benefits of minimal dosing and potent longevity.

In addition to the analysis provided by our qualified suppliers, we apply rigorous specifications to ensure the identity, purity, potency, and composition of or our products. The Good Manufacturing Practices regulations enforced by the FDA are our rulebook for ensuring consistent, efficacious, and safe herbal extracts. Every herbal batch comes with a Certificate of Analysis and each herbal bottle comes with a batch number for tracking and managing our strict quality control.

The businesses we work with to provide Herbs From East tinctures also offer these attributes: being green business certified; state certified to process organic ingredients; and being an FDA registered facility.

Herbs From East works with manufacturers who apply AHPA Good Herbal Compounding Guidelines.

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